Children Of Asian Immigrants Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Made (BuzzFeed)

This video brought on all the tears and sniffles. It’s so raw and honest, and I think for some of these children of immigrants even scary to share. Though, I am not Asian, I think children of immigrants share many similar experiences no matter where in the world they come from.

When we are kids we don’t realize the sacrifices our parents make for us. I have always been lucky to have very supportive parents who have encouraged me to leave my mark on the world. As long I can remember my father has told me, “Whatever you do, mija, put your name it. Put your name it!”

Both immigrants from Mexico, my parents have always put education first, and they also had the mentality of “Go wherever you want. We’ll figure it out.” I thought all parents believed that, but come junior and senior years of high school, I came to find out that other parents didn’t share their sentiment.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for allowing me to follow my dreams and for all the sacrifices you’ve made so that I can. I hope to make you proud and “put my name on it.”

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