Posada: Offerings of Witness and Refuge (Sundress Publications, 2016)

“I am moved by Xochitl-Julisa’s work, her embrace of familia, of places long gone and present, of abandoned things too, near or in a neighborhood house yet filled with luminous power as a ‘black lava molcajete,’ a ‘mano,’ and many kinds of cacti — enduring, inscrutable, fierce & makers of nectar.” – Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the United States

“Moving from the ‘tender emerald bites’ of nopales shared around a table to the brutal desert terrain crossed by immigrants, she interrogates the intimate and the political. These poems will break you in a thousand beautiful ways.” – Eduardo C. Corral, 2011 Yale Younger Poets Prize winner for Slow Lightning (Yale University Press, 2012)

“Her voice is formidable, her language clear and complex at the same time.” – Luis J. Rodriguez, Poet Laureate of Los Angeles

“Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo explores what it means to live on the border, a literal and figurative image that takes on multiple meanings. There are the rich and vibrant stories of her Mexican grandparents and parents, stories she carries with her and finds still relevant in modern-day Los Angeles; there is a traditional view of womanhood and the reality of being a contemporary woman in the United States; there is a straddlle of Spanish and English, a clamor of tongues; there is the dividing actual line between Mexico and the United States, which people risk their lives to cross each day.” – Terry Wolverton, author, Embers (Red Hen Press, 2003)

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Posada: Offerings of Witness and Refuge can be purchased online from SUNDRESS PUBLICATIONS.

1934596_10153446370706127_1398754551884778252_n Things to Know for Compañer@s: A No More Deaths Volunteer Guide

From a review by Marie Lecrivain at “Things to Know is a powerful poetic vehicle that transports the reader right into the middle of the terrifying, perilous journey Central American immigrants risk for the chance at a better life within the boundaries of the United States.”

Cost: $5. All proceeds from the sales of this zine will be given to No More Deaths.

Orders can be made by contacting the author at or through Paypal.