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Storytelling for Social Justice: Well-told, new narratives can change the world. Living in a time of rising movements such as Black Lives Matter, MeToo, DACA/refugee and immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, and more, students are encouraged to uncover stories that are not included in our history textbooks. Through workshops, students gain access to pathways to explore personal history, family narratives, and stories amidst their communities. Students read and produce compelling creative nonfiction—memoir, essays, literary journalism, blogging, audio/video recording, live performance, and more—to share with larger audiences. Integral to the creation of new work is revision, peer feedback, and literary work that serves as models. By the end of the course, students have begun a narrative in a format of their choice that they will develop into a completed project in order to share with the larger community.

July 1, 2021 – September 2, 2021, Thursday 7:00PM PT – 10:00PM PT (on Zoom)

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Invite a professional poet into your classroom who has experience teaching online workshops (Zoom & Teams) for a fun and interactive experience that can help bring a new appreciation for poetry and publishing to your students. Activities include classroom introductions, community checkins, games, and writing exercises intent on helping writers find joy and empowerment through their own voices.

Offering 1-3 hour workshops in basic poetry tools, witness writing, poetry mapping, basics of submitting, and submission strategies.

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“Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo is an expert teacher and speaker who makes her audiences feel at home and welcome as she guides them through the wild and sometimes intimidating world of creative writing. With her thoughtful guidance, writers learn to speak up for themselves, create and sustain community, reach for their dreams, and polish their craft. She is an exact and compelling teacher who shows her students how to become literary powerhouses: through grit, hard work, faith, and determination. I would recommend Xochitl to anyone seeking to empower, inspire, and ignite.”

– Lisa Locascio, Executive Director, Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference

“It was a fun experience to learn and engage in poetry alongside my students. I was feeling nervous about writing poetry, but the way Xochitl scaffolded poetry writing for us helped me be present and enjoy the process. I also loved the connection to Amanda Gorman’s poem from the inauguration–it was very topical! Thanks so much to Xochitl for such a transformational session!” 

– Eugenia Plascencia, High School Educator, Los Angeles Unified School District

Miss Bermejo has come to visit my classes over the last few years and each time has been a treasured classroom experience. Each time she visits, she brings a fresh, new, and engaging presentation that not only sparks creativity among my students, but truly inspires students to love and embrace the beauty of writing. From in class taste tests to collaborative writing activities, each and every student will be asking to have her back! Thank you Miss Bermejo for sharing your passion, joy, and love of poetry!

– Annette Maier, Middle School Educator, San Gabriel Unified School District


For inquiries email xochitljulisa@gmail.com