The Acentos Review: “‘A While’ Means January”

The Acentos Review: “I Didn’t Know I could Love the Desert,” “Nobody Wanted a Mountain to Hate Him,” and “Paper Birds”

Angels Flight literary west: “Standing Before Zorba the Great,” “The Story of the Stolen Metate,” and “Posada”

Board of Photography“Why I Will No Longer Advise Poets Against Publishing Online”

Cultural Weekly: “The Ascension of Josseline” and “Our Lady of the Water Gallons”

Cultural Weekly: “Things to Know for Compañer@s”

A Dozen Nothing: July Feature

Exposition Review: “Ghost Interview in the Peach Orchard”

Fear No Lit: “How to Stick Your Head in the Sand”

Poets Responding to SB 1070, La Bloga Online Floricanto: “The Boys of summer”

Lady/Liberty/Lit: “Delicious Things” a poem after Lee Ann Roripaugh

Lumen Magazine: “Cascarones”

Lunch Ticket: “A Corrido for Macondo” a collaborative poem with Joe Jiménez

The Music Center: “For the Love of L.A.” a collaborative video poem by Rafael Cardenas with poetry by Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Josh Evans, Féi Hernandez, Jenise Miller and Jasmine Williams, and music by Eddika Orgule Organista’s Poem-a-Day: “Battlegrounds”

Santa Fe Writers Project: “Variantions on a Wooden Spoon” and “When you check in to let me know you’re thinking of me” 

Travel By the Books: “El Capitán of Isla Negra”

Viva Macondo (a digital chapbook): “Ghost Interview with a Soldier in the Peach Orchard”

Whisk(e)y Tit: “My Latest Dude Poem”


About Place Journal: “How a Flower Sees Itself”

Bitch Media: “Monstrous Poetry: Kenji Liu is Using Frankenstein as a Metaphor for Toxic Masculinity”

Cultural Weekly: “Serving Movements for Peace from the Deserts of Arizona to the Streets of L.A.”

Entropy: “Mini-Syllabus: Writing Poetry for Social Change”

In the Know Traveler: “Sins of Saigon”

The James Franco Review: “La Busqueda”

KCET Departures: “An Authentic Californio Experience: The Latin Wave Series”

KCET Departures: “Women Run These Streets: How These Runners Are Reclaiming Boyle Heights”

Los Angeles Review of Books: “Invisible No More: How “Fade Into You” Reflects the L.A. Chicanx Experience”

Lunch Ticket: “Submission as Social Action”

The Nervous Breakdown: “A Baldwin Park Story”

The Offing: “In Search of Touch”

[Pank] Magazine: “Forget About the Rap Star and Choose Me “Los Angeles May Be Ugly, but It’s Ours: a Review of LAtitudes”

Women Who Submit blog: “Building Up to Emerging”


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